Empire German monarchs Federal Hungarian France

Empire German

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The Empire German gives home in January of 1871. The monarchs German meeting in Versailles recognized to William I as Emperor of Germany. The new […]

Socialism political economic doctrine working interest


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Socialism is the political, economic and social doctrine which aims the radical reform of the society, by solving priority problems that affect the large majorities […]

Empire Kingdom Pedro history independence

Empire of Brazil

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The Empire of Brazil was given between the year of 1822 and 1889, began at the end of the war of independence of Brazil, which […]

decadent Empire Chinese provinces Portuguese international

Opening of China

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The opening of China to the trade exterior is gave through many battles. Until the century XIX both China as Japan had remained isolated from […]

Colonial empires modern British German Victoria

Empire British

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Colonial empires that were formed in the modern age (19th century), it was just the British Empire which achieved a formidable expansion in contemporary times. […]

Kingdom Granada Castile Navigator Exchange China Japan

Discovery of America

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The discovery of America took place thanks to the events that prompted the support towards projects for navigation, such as the conquest of the Kingdom […]

Viceroyalty Spain Peru America Zacatecas population

Independence of Mexico

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The Viceroyalty of the new Spain (now Mexico) and Peru were the most prosperous and richest colonies that Spain had. Mexico produced 67 per 100 […]

Gran Colombia Viceroyalty New Granada Audiencia

Independence of Colombia

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The Gran Colombia comprised the Viceroyalty of New Granada (today Colombia), the Audiencia of Quito (today Ecuador) and the captaincy General of Venezuela. In New […]

Cuban revolution Eduardo Ortodoxo Partido United States

The Cuban revolution

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The Cuban revolution began when Eduardo Chibás of the Ortodoxo Partido, being the big winner of the 1952 elections, committed suicide by opening a political […]

State General Rivera Constitution Parliament Constitution

Spanish Civil War

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The Spanish civil war took place between the years 1936 to 1939, originated by a climate of internal unrest due to the economic, political and […]

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